In the world of aviation, as the demand for more pliable planes increases with an uptick in private jet travel, the PC-24 is churning up quite a lot of buzz. The PC-24 is different for a number of reasons, but much of allure can be attributed to a few key components. For instance, while everyone wants to jet off to parts unknown, sometimes it’s exhausting to take a big plane, a small plane and then perhaps even a ferry to get to the latest and greatest spot. The PC-24’s biggest draw is the fact that it can land on extremely short runways. However, customers don’t have to sacrifice speed in their quest for the perfect vacation. While these jets require only a short landing strip, they’re still extremely fast. Also, vacationers won’t have to worry about leaving behind their family or friends. With eight seats, this plane possesses all of the creature comforts that travelers have come to love and expect.

While many pilots have to be finicky about landing their planes, PC-24 pilots enjoy the ability to stop on grass landing strips and even mountainside locales. Luckily for those who want to enjoy these planes—without dealing with the hassle of ownership—fractional ownership is becoming possible for many travelers. This allows travelers to enjoy the comfort and convenience of private flight without taking on the entire bill by themselves. In a world where security lines have been growing longer—and the patience of airline crews is growing thinner—the PC-24 truly is one of the most exciting new jets to come along in years. Made by Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland, this aircraft is fine-tuned to handle all of the rigors of flight. Many pilots have compared the plane’s versatility to that of a turboprop, which is definitely a compliment when it comes to island travel. The engineers poured a lot of resources into researching, designing and constructing this plane, with the final tab hovering at around a whopping 500 million francs.

Providing luxury consumers with the ability to get where they need to go in a faster, more expedient way, this jet is shattering boundaries and limitations. Making the process of taking off and landing easier than ever before, it is now set to redefine private plane travel.