Frequent flyers know which airports they prefer to fly in and out of because of the ease of travel these locations provide, but there is another aspect to consider as you plan your trip: the airport’s aesthetic. There are several airports around the world that are well known for their beauty and the stunning visuals they have to offer even the wariest of globetrotters. If you are going to be stuck at an airport for a long layover, consider one of these spots as a well-earned bonus part of your getaway.

Vancouver International Airport – Canada

The Vancouver International Airport features a collection of artwork that embodies the spirit and diversity of Canada. They support the First Nations artists through the YVR Art Foundation and scattered throughout the facility travelers will experience sculptures, native cloth work, etched glass, net work, masks, and much more. On top of all of this, if you happen to visit the Level 3 Departures Terminal between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm, you can tour a full-service aquarium.

Singapore Changi Airport – China

The Singapore Changi Airport has the distinct honor of having been named the “Best Airport in the World” by Skytrax for five years running. There are four distinct terminals here, each known for its specific offerings. Terminal One is where your standard airport dining and shopping is located, while Terminal Two features several beautiful gardens, Terminal Three has additional gardens that shine under the massive skylight, and Terminal Four features innovative design work that architecture buffs will not want to skip.

Hamad International Airport – Qatar

The terminals at the Hamad International Airport in Qatar are the result of a partnership with several Qatar museums with the goal of bringing eclectic pieces of art to public spaces. Local artists created the murals, paintings, and sculptures that adorn this facility, giving it the feel of a modern art museum.

Marrakesh Menara Airport – Morocco

While the other airports on this list feature art fixtures worth viewing, it is the architecture at Marrakesh Menara Airport in Moroccoa that will take your breath away. Designed a decade ago, the facility remains relevant thanks to its modern mixed with classic choices that invite light in to the passenger terminals in a unique way.