The airport lounge is one of the most coveted places to spend time when you’re waiting to board your flight. The lounge offers many amenities that can allow you to have access to shower facilities, eat a good meal, and relax in a luxurious setting. Here are a few ways to get access into the airport lounge next time you’re departing for a trip.

Choose a Public Pay-in Lounge

Public pay-in lounges are ideal for those who don’t travel frequently but still want to enjoy the amenities that are available when they fly on occasion. The airport owns the lounges and charges an average of $20 per day where you can access free wi-fi, watch TV, and enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks. Some of the lounges even offer massage services and buffets, which can provide relief when you have a layover or need to kill time until your flight departs.

Go Through a Third-Party Vendor

You can obtain a lounge membership by purchasing one through a third-party for an annual fee. You can choose from different membership levels, depending on how much you plan to travel in the next year. Many of the passes also allow you to have access to multiple lounge areas instead of just the specific airline that you’re using.

Choose the Right Credit Card

You don’t just need to fly more to gain access to the airport lounge. Consider applying for a credit card that allows you to obtain the benefits of the lounge when you accumulate a specific number of points during the year. Many of the cards charge an annual fee and in exchange will give you access to the lounge. They often waive foreign transaction charges and offer credit towards your airline charges when you book flights, which is ideal if you plan to travel more in the future.

Work Toward Elite Status

Flying more miles means that you can attain elite status through a specific airline that you’re loyal to, which allows you to enjoy the free benefits of an airport lounge. Once you reach a specific number of miles, you’ll be given access to the lounge each time that you fly instead of having to sit in the public area of the terminal.