One of the “Big Four” accounting firms—the four largest accounting firms in the world—Deloitte is known the world over for its accounting prowess and professional services. And while the company has invested in groundbreaking technology before, the company looks to venture into a new industry: aviation.

In a recent press release from the firm, Deloitte explains that, in an effort to aid the aviation market, they have formed their own Aviation Technology team based in the UK. The release goes on to describe how the accounting firm will assist the aviation industry, stating: “The consulting team will seek to deliver a broad range of technological solutions for organisations working across the sector, recognising the importance of technology in solving the aviation industry’s current and future challenges.”

Heading the team are Mark Cooper, partner for Aviation Technology, and Martin Bowman, director of Aviation Technology. Combined, the two have almost 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, with Cooper having directed Lockheed’s Air Traffic Management and Bowman having worked as the sector director for airports at the Amor Group.

Cooper, in the release, stated his interest in the team, stating, “This is an exciting and challenging time for the aviation industry. Demand for aviation is forecast to grow significantly over the next decade, even though the overall aviation infrastructure is unlikely to change massively. This creates a huge need for organisations to work smarter, and technology will play a huge role in delivering the additional capacity the industry needs.”

Personally, I am incredibly excited to see just how Deloitte can affect the industry. As one of the most profitable companies in the world, Deloitte can definitely provide the financial means for a variety of technological projects. Hopefully these projects will lead to fantastic innovations, with the potential to change anything from the industry’s infrastructure to consumer conveniences.