David Pflieger has always had a fascination with airplanes and aviation in general. Ever since he was a child, David could not get enough of the technical marvel that is an airplane. And it was with this same passion and drive that drove David to become a successful aviation industry expert. He has seen and done it all; from piloting B-52s in the United States Air Force to helping found one of America’s largest airlines, David has had a tremendous amount of experience in only a few decades.

It was this same passion for airplanes and aviation that took David Pflieger around the world. He has had residencies in almost every major area, from Florida all the way over to Hawaii. And although David will always enjoy flying the friendly skies and visiting the far off reaches of the globe, he currently resides in San Francisco, California. The nearby, beautiful beaches, bustling city life and unique culture of San Francisco have made it difficult for David to call any other place his home.

David is currently the airline advisor to the World Bank Group. If you would like to contact David, please fill out the form below!

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