The Citation Hemisphere is one of the newest long-range business models by Cessna. The design of the Citation Hemisphere is luxury and class from nose to tail. The exterior features a sleek, clean-sheet design while the inside is spacious and customizable.

Cessna works with buyers to customizer carpets, cabinets, seating with materials and textiles that combine performance with fashion. Cessna allows buyers to specify details to impress business associates and clients alike as soon as see the Citation Hemisphere.

The modular galley (heating, cooling, and bartending needs are covered) comes complete with granite countertops, stone floors, and even skylights. The same surfaces extend to the cabin, which has plenty of room for seating, dining, and sleeping in the three different zones. A conference area makes the Citation Hemisphere a mobile boardroom powered by Honeywell’s JetWave Cabin Satellite Communications, which is only available to commercial and military users, to keep you connected while in the air — even over water. Cessna provides customizable configurations so that the Hemisphere works for you.

Comfort is at a maximum in this jet. The Citation Hemisphere has low cabin altitude (a maximum of 5,000 ft) for lower pressure, even when flying over water. Padded, ergonomic reclining seats made from detailed leather make for a comfortable trip no matter how long. Every aspect of the Citation Hemisphere allows for maximum light thanks to oversized windows, so travelers never feel boxed in.

The cockpit has also been upgraded to a state-of-the-art avionics system by Honeywell. The flight deck comes with a 3D view of the world and weather outside thanks to large, LED displays and is equipped with Textron Aviation’s proprietary LinxUs tool for maintenance and diagnostics. Honeywell’s satellite connectivity extends to the cockpit as well. The Citation Hemisphere flight controls also come with the SmartView Synthetic Vision System and the IntuVue 3D Volumetric Weather Radar system that facilitate shorter, more precise flights at a lower cost. Controls are just as easy to use as they are helpful.

All of this is contained in a jet that promises long range (up to 4,500 nautical miles) and high speeds thanks to two Safran Silvercrest engines, which also use 15% less fuel and emit up to 40% less nitrogen oxide, at a price that competes with similar business aircraft.