Ever since airplanes were invented, travel has been very quick and efficient, affecting all areas of day-to-day life and business. The basics of flight, such as lift and thrust, are well-known to many people. However, there are some weird, interesting facts about airplanes that one would have never guessed.

Airplanes Are Designed to Handle Lightning Strikes
Every plane is able to handle lightning to some degree. In fact, it’s estimated that each aircraft gets hit by lightning at least one time per year

There Is No Safest Seat
When traveling at the speeds of an aircraft, there’s really no safe seat in a plane. Statistics of fatality rates, along with different seating, back up this fact.

Secret Bedrooms
Sometimes, planes will have entire bedroom sets for flight crew. This comes especially handy for long-hour flights and work times, which can last up to 16 hours a day.

The tires on a plane are incredibly tough, being able to withstand landings at 170 mph, 500 times, before needing a retread. Air pressure of the tire is set to around 200 psi.

A Plane Can Fly with One Engine
Believe it or not, a plane will fly perfectly fine with just one engine. However, fuel efficiency, range and power will suffer.

Reason for Ashtrays in Bathrooms
Although smoking in planes has been banned for many years, there’s still ashtrays in bathrooms in case someone decides to smoke anyways. At least this way, it’ll be in a confined space. One can, however, expect a massive fine.

Tiny Hole in Window
The tiny hole in the window of a plane is to regulate air pressure in the case that the exterior plane fails.

Airplane Food
Airplane food is notorious for tasting bad, decent at best. However, it’s not because of the food itself, but the air pressure and environment of the plane. Sweet tastes are harder to detect while salt is enhanced.

Oxygen Masks
The oxygen supply for the masks is around 15 minutes. Although that may sound like a short amount of time, a pilot will react by rapidly descending below 10,000 feet, where people can breath normally. This usually takes less than 15 minutes. Having an accident in an airplane is overall highly unlikely.