During my time as a pilot, I’ve flown in some amazing airplanes. I’ve seen it all, from single-engine aircrafts to full-sized airbuses. And each and every model has its own pros and cons. But no matter how many airplanes I ride in, I’m always intrigued by the private jet. So compact and yet so luxurious; and until now, I’ve always assumed that private jets would stay that way. I was wrong.


Chinese conglomerate HNA Group has recently finished building the Boeing 787-8 private airplane; it’s been dubbed the “Dream Jet.” The plane is operated by Deer Jet and is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The Dream Jet took two years to build, and it shows. The plane features a whopping 2,400 square feet of space. To some, that may seem like nothing, but for an airplane, that’s essentially a large single-family house.


The Dream Jet features several elegant features and accommodations. When you first step foot into the airplane, you’ll walk down a long corridor along the side of the plane, and you’ll be greeted by something of a welcome lobby which leads to a segmented master bedroom. In one room, you’ll enter a spacious, walk-in closet, with multiple different compartments for storage. In the other room, you’ll find the gorgeous king-size bed. This section of the master bedroom also comes with a great deal of space to move in and a wall-mounted television. And what master bedroom would be complete without its very own bathroom? The bathroom contains two sinks and a massive shower.


Once you’ve finished with the bedroom, you can head down another hallway and enter the living/dining room. I never thought that any private jet would ever feature a living room. The living/dining room boasts a=four recliners, a large couch in the center of the room, and three wall-mounted televisions. And just to the site of the living room is a washroom.


The rest of the airplane does feature several standard, business-class-style seats for traditional flights.


The Dream Jet is quite literally the ultimate height of luxury. If you’re interested in booking the plane, you’ll be spending a cool $70,000 per hour. It’s an expensive ride, but it certainly seems worth it.