One of the toughest parts of flying, for many, is sleeping. Usually, several anxious fliers can never seem to fall asleep due to their nervousness. However, for those either used to flying or not afraid of traveling 30,000 feet in the air, the challenge is more of spatial issue. Finding the perfect sweet spot that allows oneself to fall asleep is trickier than one might think.


But, if the makers of the Dream Sling have anything to say about it, this may soon be a problem of the past.


Essentially a revamped travel pillow, the Dream Sling is aimed at allowing for optimal sleep in the most unlikely places. While the pillow is not specifically designed for airplane travel, it can most certainly be used on those long, uncomfortable flights.


Designed by Aran Higa, the Dream Sling is currently being funded on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. What separates it from the traditional travel pillow is its use of gravity. Using a microbead pillow attached to an arm sling—typically used for healing broken arm bones—the Dream Sling utilizes the gravitational pull of your arms to support your head on the pillow. For those traveling by plane this comes as great news.


According to a report from Telegraph, the Dream Sling can be worn in a variety of conditions, from camping to flying to even hospital visits. The pillow definitely has the potential to catch on.


However, it first needs to make it to production. As of this writing, the Dream Sling has $5,902 pledged of a $25,000 goal after just three weeks. While this may seem like a decent start, the campaign only has 11 days left. Sadly, it seems very unlikely that the Dream Sling will achieve its goal. This does not necessarily mean that the pillow will never see the light of day. Should Higa find other outlets of funding, the product could very well be produced in some capacity.
Hopefully Higa can figure out a way to reach mass production, but until then, we will have to deal with uncomfortable plane rides as best we can.