Airbus, one of the world’s largest airplane manufacturers, is looking to revitalize its lineup of airplanes; more specifically, the company is focusing on revamping its pre-existing models, as opposed to introducing any brand new concepts. Just recently, the company announced its newest upgrade: the A380plus.


Announced at the Paris Air Show last week, the Airbus A380plus is a slight modification of the A380. Known as the world’s largest passenger airliner, the A380 has been around since 2005, although it did not enter commercial airline service until 2007. Although it is considered the largest commercial airline, it has certainly received its fair share of criticism for not being utilized properly. The airplane can comfortably seat over 800 passengers and yet most are only fitted for approximately 500 passengers. This latest update might make matters worse. The A380plus is designed to include an additional 80 seats, which Airbus claims will lower the unit operating cost.


The A380plus also comes with a few other modifications aimed at making it more appealing to potential buyers. For example, the A380plus’ wings have been redesigned to reduce drag and, according to Airbus, will boost the plane’s fuel economy by 4%; the new additional seats will also reduce ticket prices for customers by a whopping 13%.


While this may sound like a routine upgrade in models, it is actually something much larger. Unfortunately for Airbus, the A380 has been selling rather poorly since its creation, with only a handful of airlines using the model in their fleet. Airbus hopes that by improving upon the A380s original design, they can entice other airlines to invest in the plane. According to a report from Business Insider, no airlines have shown interest as of yet.


Hopefully this remodeled design will manage to win over a few airlines; the fact that Emirates, which is the airline with the most A380s in its fleet, is not even interested in the A380plus is a bad sign. I’m sure that Airbus will hold out hope for its newest product.