Living in the lap of luxury is certainly how most, if not all of us, would love to live. Fancy parties, famous friends and lounging by the pool all day; everything associated with wealthy lifestyles is truly attractive to most anybody. The most alluring aspect of the lifestyles of the rich and famous is most certainly the private jet. Flying is usually a hassle for everybody. There are crowds of strangers all trying to get to their destinations, long lines, security screenings, and cramped economy class seats. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everybody could fly on a private jet wherever they went?


Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works. However, we can still all dream. And, with that in mind, I have decided to take a look at some of the most luxurious private jets available.


Gulfstream G650

With a price tag of $64 million, this is certainly one of the most expensive private jets in the world. It is also one of the fastest. Manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, the G650 is the company’s most popular, well-known, and fastest product on the market. In fact, according to the company’s website, the G650 flies at “more than 92 percent of the speed of sound.” The jet can be personalized, allowing for the perfect conference or business meeting for every individual. The jet also comes jam-packed with features, including options for Internet connectivity, high-definition video, iOS and Android connectivity, customizable seat preferences and more. With its fast, high-end performance, sleek, contemporary and customizable design and cutting-edge technology, the G650 is certainly a luxurious private jet.


Boeing 787-8 Private Jet

This jet is not necessarily what one imagines when thinking of a traditional jet plane. Instead, the Boeing Business Jet 2 is more reminiscent of a traditional commercial airliner. The jet allows its passengers to fly to almost anywhere in the world, given its flying time of 17 hours. It can also fit 40 passengers, and features a master suite, complete with king-size bed, private shower and toilet and walk-in closet and an enormous lounge with a large, flat-screen display. The plane even features a separate, 18-seat section for guests and a 6-seat section for staff.


The world is full of luxurious jets, and this is merely a small portion of them. Stay tuned for the second part in this ongoing series!