Let’s be honest, the worst part about flying is not knowing what the conditions of the cabin will be and who you are going to be sitting near. We have all been on a flight where screaming babies are nearby, the in-flight entertainment malfunctions or some other situation occurs that makes those hours in the air seem endless. Luckily for those with deep pockets, an uncomfortable flight is a thing of the past. On a daily basis, I continue seeing better first and business-class experiences unfold and the trend for luxurious flights is only just beginning. Here are just a few of the upscale accommodations in the sky.

1. Emirates

Even in coach, this airline company will make you feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. If you are planning on experiencing business class with the company that most frequently flies from New York to Dubai, rest assured your time in the air will feel effortless. Everything from lounge chairs that turn into flat beds with mattresses to the ability to close off your seat to the rest of the cabin, Emirates provides an aviation adventure unique to its competitors. Socializing, drinking, and dining is encouraged for those holding top-notch tickets. Business class passengers have the option of utilizing their own personal mini-bar or they can venture to the onboard lounge to mingle with others in their designated class. For long, overnight flights, you can find a full sized bathroom equipped with a standing shower and a variety of Bvlgari toiletries. A spot in the Emirates NY to Dubai flight with all of these luxuries puts you out about $9,000

2. Etihad

As the official airline of the United Arab Emirates, business class guests are treated like royalty from their initial arrival at the airport. Greetings from a personal Concierge and taken to a dedicated check-in counter occur immediately upon exiting your car. Massages are even offered in the lounge while you wait for the boarding process to begin. If you’re willing to splurge on the most expensive ticket, be prepared to feel like you are in a small NYC apartment not on a transcontinental flight. Literally known as the “Apartment” experience, you will find an armchair, bed, and personal shower in your cabin. Not one to sleep during a flight? No worries, Etihad has you covered. As a part of “The Residence” ticket, you can hang out in the fully furnished living room or enjoy any meal your stomach desires, prepared especially for you by a personal chef. Get your checkbooks ready, because this whole ordeal can cost upwards of $30,000.

3. Singapore

This Asian airline has revolutionized means of flying in style and luxury. Giving passengers in their business class a true place to rest their head miles above the ground have earned them a spot on my list. Beginning with a massive lounge to accommodate their business class passengers, any trip is bound to start out on a high note with their wide array of snacks and drinks. Upon boarding in business class you can expect to find your seat, and don’t be too shocked when you see its massive width. Food selections can be made prior to the flight and will be provided on clean china, along with endless spirits and service with a smile. When it’s time to sleep, you will have the ability to rest your head on a real mattress, sometimes better than ones in our homes, according to The Independent. If you and your travel companion really want to make the flight unforgettable, you can choose to spend $18,400 round trip for your own suite.

David Pflieger First Class

As much as I love everything about airplanes, I know that the process of flying can be brutal. For those with the spare couple thousand dollars, a flight can feel more like a quick stay a small hotel rather than a bad travel experience. If you have the available resources, I would definitely recommend giving one of these luxurious flights a try, for what is bound to be a remarkable adventure.