I can’t believe that it is already August. It seems as if time has just flown by. With the coming of August comes the yearly reminder that the summer is almost over. That’s right folks, enjoy these warm, sunny days as much as possible because before you know it, the chilly, cloudy days of fall will soon be upon us. But before that happens, let’s just enjoy this last month and-a-half by looking at some fantastic August travel destinations.

David Pflieger Fly Geyser

Black Rock Desert, Nevada

I know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would I spend my last few days of summer in a desert?” But Black Rock Desert offers so much to any visitor. One of the most popular events in Black Rock is Burning Man, the annual festival of arts, crafts and fun that takes places in late August. Why not explore your artistic side and enjoy some of the coolest art installation pieces you’ve ever seen? Or, you can enjoy one of Black Rock’s lesser known attractions: the Fly Geyser. This strange geyser consists of three individual rock formations whose red, green and yellow hues stand out from the traditional red and brown Nevada desert.

David Pflieger Berlin

Berlin, Germany

If you’d prefer to travel outside of the country, feel free to visit Berlin, Germany! But why travel to Germany’s capital in August? For one, August is the month of Berlin’s renowned International Beer Festival, where you can enjoy 2,400 brands of beer with over 800,000 visitors. Afterwards, why not stop by Berlin’s Dance in August? The event includes contemporary choreography from dancers all over the world and is one of Europe’s most important dance festivals. And if that isn’t enough to entice you, hotel rates are the cheapest in August, allowing you to have some major fun on a minor budget.

David Pflieger French Lakes

The French Lakes

Looking for something a bit more water-oriented? Then head over to the French Lakes (Lac De Bourget, Lac D’Annecy, and Lac D’Aiguebelette) to bask in some of the deepest blue waters the world has to offer. The waters are in the mountains, so you will also be able to view some of France’s most gorgeous mountain peaks.


The summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one more vacation. Whether you travel across the world or to another state, just make sure to hop on a plane, be safe and have fun.